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Traffic: Mania Race


traffic: mania raceDriving your car and race against everyoneTraffic speed racing is a new milestone in the genre of endless racing games. Many cars and a lot of tracks set in different location. Race the Traffic Car includes the most awesome feature in any racing game: Nitro Boost. Fill up your nitro by speeding and overtaking other cars and then use it to reach max speed. Also, you can get several bikes to improve your performance. Inspired by real-life illegal street racing and made with ultimate replayability in mind, this game is designed to give the player hundreds of hours of best fast paced entertainment. Grab the game and play now!General Featuresdrive with tiltuse your horn to clear your way and become fastest rally driverif you want to feel the speed, you need to push acceleration button all the timedon’t forget to use brake, better safe than crash into NPC automobilesrace on asphalt highways with three lines in one direction